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Changing Places

We offer a full packaged service for installing new or refurbished Changing Places. Now that government legislation is making it compulsory for new public buildings to have greater access for severely disabled people via the Changing Places Toilets, we are here to provide you with surveys, quality installations and design support as we collaborate with specialist suppliers.

Whether it’s a new build or existing disabled accessible toilet that needs converting, we can support you with the advice to achieve installation of specialist overhead room hoist systems, adult sized height adjustable changing benches, privacy screen, and additional space for carers. We work with you to ensure little disruption to an existing building working closely with our staff who have extensive experience in providing disability accessible areas in a number of public places.

For further government guidelines on the current legislation go to:  https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/changing-places-toilets

To discuss contact: ian@modusconstruction.co.uk / 0118 9411335